About Us

Karen & Michael Stanley are the founders and creators, but their first born child, Sophia Clare, is the reason they began their Yummy journey! When Karen & Michael began introducing solids to their Little Tummy, they were disappointed by the taste and lack of selection with the organic baby foods available. Rather than settle for what was available, Michael and Karen knew that there needed to be a better alternative and set out to create it!

With Michael’s fifteen years of restaurant experience and degree in Culinary Art from the Culinary Institute of America, he began researching and testing recipes to find things that his own Little Tummy would love. While Michael was busy in the kitchen and delving into recipes, Karen was using her background in government, as well as advocacy, to research, research, and research some more. It was important to both Michael and Karen to truly understand the differences between conventional and organic produce, the toxins that are present in conventional foods, as well as in routine products that all children use, bathe, and play with, and the health advantages in limiting ones exposure to toxins.
Armed with a crazy amount of information, recipes, and passion, Yummy In My Tummy (YIMT) was born. As Michael and Karen’s family has grown, so has YIMT!

The week their son Sage Hudson arrived, at the request of a local school that was seeking more healthful, fresh, and, of course, YUMMY options, the Yummy School Lunch Program (YSL) was established! Using the same ideals that the baby food is based on, YIMT has set out to provide Organic & All Natural School and Camp meals to children of all ages in Miami-Dade, Broward, & Palm Beach.


Yummy In My Tummy is an approved vendor for the National School Lunch Program, the Summer Food Service Program, and the Child & Adult Care Food Program. The Yummy Team provides meals to both public and private schools, fulfilling its mission to offer fresh, organic & natural meals to people regardless of their income. This is the Yummy approach!
From our family to yours, thank you for your interest and support of our Yummy Organic & Natural approach! We are so grateful to all of you and your Little Tummies! With your support, we will surely change the world. Expect more, receive more, and give more. It’s a deliciously Yummy way to live....